Terms & Conditions
  • 1.1. This is agreement between ProSoccerTipsters.com and the registered user of its service called the Tipster.

  • 1.2. Subject of the service provided by ProSoccerTipsters.com is verification of sports betting picks submitted by its registered users and maintaining overall stats of these picks.

  • 1.3. Tipster services are featured at ProSoccerTipsters.com after registration providing all required details (description, price, URL etc.) about their business and paying a subscription fee.

  • 1.4. Upon registration, the Tipster must provide accurate and real details about his service and keep them up-to-date as long as being active at ProSoccerTipsters.com. ProSoccerTipsters.com reserves the right to remove any parts of the service description which are found misleading and unreal as statements about past winnings, fixed game infos etc.

  • 1.5. Using multiple (including previously active) accounts by one person or related persons is not allowed, no matter if this person runs more than one service. One person (or group of persons working together) can have only one registration / verified record at ProSoccerTipsters.com for the whole existence of ProSoccerTipsters.com. Starting a new service with different name / URL (details which can be updated in the profile) cannot be a reason for opening new account unless proving a major difference incompatible with the previously tracked record. Users found to have more than one account at ProSoccerTipsters.com are suspended without refund for the remaining period of the suspended subscriptions.

  • 2.1. The Tipster can submit for verification any kind of bets (asian handicap, total goals, correct scores etc.) on soccer sports only. Picks on any other sports are not accepted.

  • 2.2. Live betting picks are not accepted.

  • 2.3. Bets (with their corresponding odds) can be made only with the available bookmakers provided by ProSoccerTipsters.com and no other bookmaker.

  • 2.4. Bets using Betfair will incur 5% commission applied on the odds.

  • 2.5. Picks must be submitted before the start of the game with the exact actual odds at the time of submission. The Tipster is responsible for checking the actual odds straight at the bookmaker site and not other side sources like odds comparison services etc.

  • 2.6. Picks cannot be changed or deleted after submission. In case of technical error (typing mistake, wrong selected date etc.) the Tipster must report it to the administrators before the start of the event.

  • 2.7. The Tipster must provide all required pick details in the submission form - date of the event, sport, name of the event, selection, odds, stake and bookmaker.

  • 2.8. Games are referred to certain date by their starting time in Central European Time (CET). No matter of his location the Tipster must enter the game date / time in CET.

  • 3.1. In any moment, ProSoccerTipsters.com can suspend services who are breaking the above rules - such as posting picks after the event has started, false odds, unexisiting bets, unavailable sports or using bookmakers which are not explicitly allowed.

  • 3.2. ProSoccerTipsters.com reserves the right to refuse verifying a service for its own reasons which are not fault of that service. 

  • 3.3. ProSoccerTipsters.com will unpublished the site if the tipster fails to verify the picks on a consistent basis.

  • 4.1. The list of featured services is available on every page of ProSoccerTipsters.com, including only services with actively running subscriptions. Services that are no longer verified are listed on a separate page, ProSoccerTipsters.com reserving the right to delete such services from the database at its own discretion.

  • 5.1. ProSoccerTipsters.com does not sell, share or use submitted picks in whatever way different than the purpose of verification.

  • 5.2. ProSoccerTipsters.com is not responsible for any part of the featured services and the level / quality of their business other than verifying the submitted picks;

  • 5.3. The Tipster must regularly check the service forum. All announcements, comments and warnings made in the forum are presumed known for everyone.

  • 6.1. Any change or expansion of these rules will be announced in a proper way on the site.

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